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Introduction: Mrs. Erika Urban

Mrs. Erika Urban - The President of ”Our Fate and Future” CharityOne of the hardest things might be to write about ourselves because we like to think that the mirror would show a picture of us that we can be proud of. The reality, however, is that others can see us differently. We are what we do, the things we perform ”would speak for us”. I truly believe that we have to fight a constant battle with ourselves in order to bring the reflection of our mirror and the picture that others see of us as close as possible.

Before my graduation exam the maths teacher recommended the poem ”If” by Kipling » to us.

Rudyard Kipling (Wikipedia article) »

Every line of the poem is a piece of good advice but the following have especially been precious for me in the passing years:

” … If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same…”

I have quoted these lines many times to myself so I would not be deceived by success or discouraged by the pain of disappointment, when I was either in heaven or hell. Both of them, triumph and disaster behave like ”impostors”, they can change the opinion we have of ourselves and lead us into a wrong direction.

I think when we are born we arrive to this world with a task at hand, we have to take care of things in order to fulfill our destiny. But does every one find their destiny? I have no answer to that. I have been lucky to find mine and always be able to do the things I like. I could help others, relieve their burden without getting tired myself. On the contrary, it has given me strength, satisfation and a feeling of being privileged.

As a child I many times heard the saying ”it is better to give than receive”. Children are healthily selfish and it is almost impossible for them to understand this idea. Today, however, I know how heart-warming the feeling is when we can do something for others. We give something of ourselves, something that only we are capable of--our knowledge, sympathy, our thoughts and a couple of soothing words; things that do not cost us anything.

I also know that we cannot redeem the world, we cannot change the fate of others, especially when they do not want the change. The path has to be found by everybody alone, even if a little help can come from somewhere.

”Our Fate and Future” Charity

”Our Fate and Future” CharityDuring the course of my recent work I have met many people, many different people. I have seen lives that were destroying themselves, I have seen hard battles, anger and a lot of strength and love. Not everybody has been able to hold our helping hand, but the ones who became our partners in searching for their new lives have gotten new possibilities.

What is important and valuable for me? When I see that I can be part of something that makes a human life better, when someone starts believing in themselves and the notion that they can determine their fate for they are the ones who hold the ”key” to their success.

What is life pointless without? Without our fate, love and trust.

I believe that even though I can only do so much, if that little amount is done, if I could only help just one human being by influencing a life to alter it to the better, then I have achieved in taking a few steps on the path I am supposed to walk on.

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